Sustainable building solutions

Protect. Prolong. Block. Seal. Insulate.

Protect to Prolong

Extend the life of your materials with nanotechnology.

Our nanotechnology-based building solutions work on the molecular structure of your materials to create a permanent protection and thermal barrier. As a result, your surfaces are stronger, better insulated, significantly more durable and easier to maintain. With our “Smart Green” solutions, we can collectively change our footprint on the planet.


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Keep the heat on the right side of the glass

Lower your interior temperature by up to 5°C in the summer and reduce your heat loss in the winter. SketchThermo is a liquid glass coating that forms a thermal barrier which blocks the heat, keeping it on the right side of the glass. 

Seal your concrete and pavers

Let mineral chemistry protect your porous surfaces by penetrating to their core. By forming silica in the pores of your surfaces, SketchMinero creates a protective barrier against water, frost, salt and other external contaminants.

Space-grade technologies protecting your building

Thanks to their ceramic microspheres, Thermo-Shield® liquid insulation reflects the sun’s energy to reduce your energy bill and protect your roof, siding and exterior surfaces.

Sketch Nanotechnologies is the exclusive Canadian authorized agent for Thermo-Shield® products. 

prolong the life of your roof shingles

Your roof shingles protect your home, so why not protect your shingles?

With Thermo-Shield® shingle coating, extend the life of your shingles while avoiding premature aging, the risk of damage to your home and the high costs associated with replacing them.

Optimize the performance of your solar panels

By forming a self-cleaning coating on your solar panels, SketchSolaro sprays away contaminants and dirt to give you maximum performance from your solar panels, 12 months a year.