About Sketch Nanotechnologies

Science in the service of the built heritage

Our Mission

To provide high-performance nanotechnology solutions that protect and extend the life of real estate assets.

Our Values

– Respect for the Environment

– Innovation

– Partnership

– Excellence

– Sustainability

Our Expertise

We provide expert advice on the application of nanotechnology coatings for sustainable structural protection, energy conservation and environmental protection. We help owners and managers improve their energy performance and save on energy costs. We help owners and managers improve their energy performance and save on energy costs.

Our Growth

Sketch Nanotechnologies has grown exponentially since its inception. Our expansion is a testament to the growing concern of building owners for the protection of their built heritage, energy efficiency and the support of the circular economy.

Our Vision

To be the world reference in innovative nanotechnology solutions dedicated to the protection, sustainability and energy saving of real estate assets.

International Expertise

Our exclusive suppliers have proven themselves throughout the world.

Sketch, Co. Ltd
This Japanese company has demonstrated the effectiveness of its innovative nanotechnology products around the world. Sketch, Co. Ltd’s coatings are distributed by 14 exclusive international distributors and are marketed in 33 countries.
We are the exclusive solution in Canada.

Hydro Minéral International
Hydro-Mineral specializes in innovative mineralizers, water repellents and cleaners. With more than 30 years of research, laboratory and multiple on-site tests, Hydro-Mineral is now recognized as “the mineral chemistry specialist in France”.

Available in several European and African countries, the international expansion of the application and distribution of its products continues with us in North America.

Thermo-Shield® Canada
Thermo-Shield® specializes in longer lasting, higher performing, interior and exterior paints and coatings while providing energy savings to consumers worldwide.

Sketch Nanotechnologies is the only authorized Thermo-Shield® agent in Canada.

Let’s reinvent efficiency

Let’s protect your building from the outside elements and revolutionize its energy efficiency with nanotechnology!