Ecohome – Window film treatment to reflect heat and lower air conditioning bills

Passive cooling techniques such as reflective window films can increase comfort, home durability and lower energy bills at the same time. Ecohome July 23, 2020Last updated: July 27, 2020 Denis Boyer & Paola Duchaine After a difficult first half to 2020, heat waves then took hold across North America, from Canada down into the Southern […]

A nanotechnology giant delicate like a spider web (French only)

Publié dans : QUÉBEC SCIENCE  (01-02-2019) Photo: Pixabay Ce texte a été écrit par des élèves de 4e secondaire du Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie à la suite d’un atelier sur la communication scientifique offert par l’équipe de Québec Science. Un texte de Frédérique Leroux et Éloïse Arsenault Le réchauffement climatique qui met en danger la planète est […]

Tiny possibilities

InnoTech Alberta | Sketch Nanotechnologies

As Seen in Central Alberta Homes & Lifestyle It’s another day on the job at a new home build. All your materials have been delivered and your tools are close at hand. Now what? Well, you could take all those 2x4s and stack them on top of each other, log-cabin style. Seems like the obvious […]

Bringing it home – Local company part of Nano revolution

Bring It Home | Sketch Nanotechnologies

As Seen in Central Alberta Homes & Lifestyle Nanotechnology is here right now,” says Alain Vadeboncoeur, “and it’s going to change the window industry forever.” Vadeboncoeur represents NanoTechnology Solutions, a local authorized distributor of Sketch Nanotechnology, based in Montreal, the companies are taking advantage of nanotechnology by making it possible to save energy and keep […]