2022 Clean50 Spotlight: Clean Tech

It is a great honour to have been nominated for Canada’s Clean50 2022 award in the clean technology category. The Canada’s Clean50 award provides annual recognition to Canadian sustainability leaders for their contributions over the previous two years. Our services and products are actively involved in giving materials and substrates a second life, improving their […]


Sketch Nanotechnologies offers an unparalleled range of products and services dedicated to the protection and performance of the building envelope. Our smart green restoration approach offers a better and more efficient second life for your existing materials rather than sending them to landfill. Our services make a real difference to climate issues and significantly reduces […]

Sketch Nanotechnologies adds to its team

Sketch Nanotechnologies is delighted to welcome Ms. Jessica Poirier to its team. Ms. Poirier has strong green convictions, as well as significant expertise in energy efficient materials and building envelope performance. Jessica will be a major asset to our team as well as to any owner or property manager wishing to improve their energy performance. […]

Sketch Nanotechnologies confirms its position as Protector of the Built Heritage

Trans-Atlantic corporate alliance Montreal, December 14th, 2020. Sketch Nanotechnologies Inc. (Montreal, Quebec) and Hydro-Mineral (Épannes – France) have announced an agreement that will bring the two companies together through a strategic partnership whereby Sketch Nanotechnologies will make available the Hydro-Mineral mineralizer coatings in North America. Sketch Nanotechnologies, which already holds an exclusive licence to market […]

Ecohome – Window film treatment to reflect heat and lower air conditioning bills

Passive cooling techniques such as reflective window films can increase comfort, home durability and lower energy bills at the same time. Ecohome July 23, 2020Last updated: July 27, 2020 Denis Boyer & Paola Duchaine https://www.ecohome.net/guides/3584/product-feature-window-film-treatment-to-reflect-heat-and-lower-air-conditioning-bills/ After a difficult first half to 2020, heat waves then took hold across North America, from Canada down into the Southern […]

One of the big players in window restorations, Solution Thermo, joins the Sketch Nanotechnologies network in Quebec.

Montreal, January 16, Sketch Nanotechnologies Inc., Sketch Nanotechnologies is very proud to announce the significant addition of Solution Thermo as an Authorized Dealer/Applicator amongst its Quebec network. Solution Thermo joins our growing network of energy-efficient building envelope specialists. As an expert in window restoration; either in replacement of glazing (thermos), window hardware, defogging or caulking, […]

Exclusive Western Canadian Distributor and New Authorized Dealers join the Sketch Nanotechnologies network.

Montreal, November 9, 2019: Sketch Nanotechnologies Inc is very proud to announce a major agreement with Edmonton based OENano Inc. as the Exclusive Distributor in Western Canada. “Specializing in nanotechnology-based products, primarily for the commercial/industrial market, we saw a perfect fit to continue business growth by working with Sketch Nanotechnologies in developing Western Canada. Their SketchNanoGard […]

A nanotechnology giant delicate like a spider web (French only)

Publié dans : QUÉBEC SCIENCE  (01-02-2019) Photo: Pixabay Ce texte a été écrit par des élèves de 4e secondaire du Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie à la suite d’un atelier sur la communication scientifique offert par l’équipe de Québec Science. Un texte de Frédérique Leroux et Éloïse Arsenault Le réchauffement climatique qui met en danger la planète est […]