5 Ecological Renovations Adding Value to Your Home

Over the past few years, the impact of climate change is only continuing to rise. It affects our daily lives and imposes a change in behaviour for many industries. Therefore, we have to adapt and make sure we come up with more sustainable ways to live. Some of the most affected sectors are undoubtedly the […]

4 Ways to Clean Your Solar Panels

Panneau solaire | Sketch Nanotechnologies

Did you know that dirty solar panels can be up to 30% less effective? Even if they still produce energy, it won’t be as efficient as a clean one. Solar panels are pretty easy to maintain. Some people will even go so far as to say that they do not need to be cleaned. However, […]

Sketch Nano is teaming up with Solutions Ecofitt

Solutions Ecofitt | Sketch Nanotechnologies

Sketch Nanotechnologies is proud to partner with Solutions Ecofitt! Solutions Ecofitt, a Québec company based in Longueuil, acts as a supplier of efficient energy products. Their mission: become a leader in offering efficient products ensuring availability to each home in Quebec to efficiently use energy, water, and other resources, while preserving the well-being of its […]

Why is a Thermal Coating a Better Option Than Window Films and Tints ?

Pourquoi choisir l’enduit thermique | Sketch Nanotechnologies

As more and more people are choosing to ‘’go green’’ everyday, finding ways to construct eco-efficient buildings is on the rise. Whether it be to reduce your energy consumption to save money or lower your carbon footprint, every reason is good one to follow the green movement. One of the best ways to do so […]

Energy Efficiency Trends – What’s Coming Up for 2018?

Looking back, 2017 has been an eventful year for tech and environmental design. We now turn to 2018 to see what is in stock for us. Of course, we are mostly excited about the nanotechnology part of it… here’s what is coming up!   Electric cars Electric vehicles are on the rise. With more than […]

The Solution to Avoiding the Effects of UV and IR Rays on Your Health

Do you spend numerous hours near a window? Or frequently find yourself in halls, or locations where you are exposed to an impressive amount of UV and IR rays everyday? Too often we underestimate the harmful effects of ultraviolets and infrareds on our skin, eyes and immune system – in which damages only add up […]

How to Lower Your Energy Bills This Fall & Winter?

Summer is over – it’s time to get ready for fall and winter. Soon enough, the colder seasons will blow leaves away from the trees, temperature is going to drop, but your electricity bills are only going to rise. Don’t panic: we are here to help you prepare your building and figure out ways to […]

Sketch Nano & Syncsolar trail blazing the Western Markets

SyncSolar | Sketch Nanotechnologies

Montreal, September 11, 2017: Sketch Nanotechnologies, manufacturer of SketchNanoGard, an innovative nano-material based coating for windows and surfaces, have come to a distributorship agreement with Alberta based SyncSolar & Electrical . “We are extremely pleased to have in SyncSolar & Electric on board as our first Western Canada distributor. Their knowledge and expertise in the […]