It is a great honour to have been nominated for Canada’s Clean50 2022 award in the clean technology category. The Canada’s Clean50 award provides annual recognition to Canadian sustainability leaders for their contributions over the previous two years. Our services and products are actively involved in giving materials and substrates a second life, improving their performance, actively promoting the circular economy while reducing excess energy consumption


Original article: 2022 Clean50 Nominee spotlight Clean Tech

Sketch Nanotechnologies Inc. has developed three key technologies offering green refurbishment possibilities to encourage actions in line with a circular economy and extend the lifespan of existing infrastructure: SketchThermo, SketchMinero and Thermo-Shield®. 

SketchThermo is a thermal insulation liquid coating for windows that blocks ultraviolet (UV) and infrared rays (IRs), while maintaining high visible light transmission and also extends the lifespan of windows by 15 years. 

SketchMinero has been the mineralization leader for over 20 years, waterproofing and prolonging the life span of porous materials like stones and concrete. 

Finally, Sketch Thermo-Shield®’s reflective, refractive, and conductive properties serve to lower energy costs in all types of climates and protect the building envelope, which produces energy-saving up to 15-20%. 

Sketch Nano products are mineral or water-based and better for the environment. Over the past 27 months, Sketch Nano has sold 165,000 square feet of the SketchThermo, installed in over 71 buildings in Canada, resulting in 10-20% energy savings per unit. Sketch Nano actively participates in giving materials and substrates a second life, enhancing their performance, actively promoting circular economy while reducing energy over-use.