Did you know that dirty solar panels can be up to 30% less effective? Even if they still produce energy, it won’t be as efficient as a clean one.

Solar panels are pretty easy to maintain. Some people will even go so far as to say that they do not need to be cleaned. However, taking good care of your solar panels and allowing them to work in their most efficient way is the best way to maximise your investment.

But before undertaking anything, it is essential to follow your manufacturer’s guidelines. After all, they are the ones who know their product best!


1 : Clean them on a cool day

Avoid cleaning your panels when it’s very warm out. They are made to accumulate a great heat load but spraying them with cold water could result in a thermal shock, which could severely damage the frame. By cleaning them on a cloudy day or in the morning, you can avoid these temperature gaps and the impact they could have on the panel frame.


2 : Avoid metals and abrasive substances

Even if solar panels are built to resist severe weather, their surface should only be cleaned with water or a slightly soapy liquid, if needed. Abrasive detergents are not recommended since they can deteriorate and damage the panel’s surface. This could diminish the panel’s capacity to absorb solar energy – therefore reduce its productivity. Using a brush or a broom containing metal parts could also leave scratches and break the panel.


3 : Go for a self-cleaning product

The main reason why you will need to clean your solar panels is because of the accumulation of dust and unwanted particles you’ll find on them. However, with SketchNanoGard Sol-R, you will be able to reduce maintenance to minimum while optimizing your panels productivity. By applying it, you’ll notice a performance increase that could reach 7%, without even lifting a finger!

Thanks to its anti-static properties, the coating prevents dust and unwanted particle accumulation; instead of sticking to the panel, everything will simply slide down. Additionally, its hydrophilic properties make it ‘’self-cleaning’’, meaning that the panel will simply get clean with rainwater. In other words, SketchNanoGard Sol-R is the most efficient way to reduce your maintenance schedule and costs.


4 : Always prioritize security

Solar panels are often installed on a roof. Before thinking of cleaning them, make sure you have all the skills and equipment you need to stay safe during the entire process. If you are able to clean them from the ground with a water hose, avoid putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation! You can also call an expert who can easily do the job for you.

In any case, solar panel acquisition is definitely a smart investment. In a world where protecting our natural resources becomes more and more of a responsibility, this type of energy production can only be logical. In our opinion, we strongly believe that any good investment must be well taken care of – and that’s exactly what we want to help you do with SketchNanoGard Sol-R.