Trans-Atlantic corporate alliance

Montreal, December 14th, 2020.

Sketch Nanotechnologies Inc. (Montreal, Quebec) and Hydro-Mineral (Épannes – France) have announced an agreement that will bring the two companies together through a strategic partnership whereby Sketch Nanotechnologies will make available the Hydro-Mineral mineralizer coatings in North America.

Sketch Nanotechnologies, which already holds an exclusive licence to market Japanese nano-coatings from Sketch Co. Ltd (Japan), that reduces energy consumption in addition to increasing the life of windows and air conditioning equipment, makes an important addition. Thanks to this strategic agreement with Hydro-Mineral, Sketch Nanotechnologies is adding cutting-edge products to its overall offering.

“We are very pleased of this strategic alliance with the Hydro-Mineral team. Their mineralizers protect Europe’s extensive built heritage, and from now on, this innovative technology is available in North America. We will continue our research and development to add more products dedicated to energy efficiency, protection and preservation of the built heritage,” mentions its president Jean-François Leroux.

Hydro-Mineral (France) specializes in the treatments by mineralization of porous materials (such as concrete, cement, slate, and stone) by providing permanent and definitive water-repellent properties. The mineralizer naturally integrates the structure of the material without changing its appearance while allowing it to breathe normally. “The water-repellent mineralization is not sensitive to UV or abrasion and therefore does not generate any rejection by the substrate,” says Olivier Debas (CEO) of Hydro-Mineral International.

The products will be commercialized under the SketchMinero brand, allowing Sketch Nanotechnologies to confirm its position as the protector of built heritage in North America.