Montreal, September 11, 2017: Sketch Nanotechnologies, manufacturer of SketchNanoGard, an innovative nano-material based coating for windows and surfaces, have come to a distributorship agreement with Alberta based SyncSolar & Electrical .

“We are extremely pleased to have in SyncSolar & Electric on board as our first Western Canada distributor. Their knowledge and expertise in the solar panel and clean energy industries offers great synergy for our innovative Solar Self Maintenance Coatings. We look forward to a strategic, customer service focused partnership with Clay’s team”, mentions Jean-François Leroux, President of Sketch Nanotechnologies.

The SketchNanoGard Solar is a revolutionary super-hydrophilic nano-coating which creates an antistatic barrier on solar panels preventing adhesion of organic or inorganic materials.

Clay Sauter, President at Syncsolar & Electric says, “As the solar panel industry grows in Canada, keeping them clean and efficient is a major challenge. Solar panels are 30% less efficient when they’re dirty. Having a coating which prevents dust or dirt from sticking ensures they are capturing the most sunlight possible. We realized the potential of the SketchNanoGard products immediately and look forward to this partnership.”

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We develop, manufacture and distribute innovative coating products that provide energy efficiency, conservation, savings and recuperation for all types of buildings. We are proud partners of Japan-based Sketch, Co. Ltd., a company that has already demonstrated the efficiency of its products throughout Asia. We continually work on offering solutions dedicated to improving comfort, while offering energy savings, both at work and at home.

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