Do you spend numerous hours near a window? Or frequently find yourself in halls, or locations where you are exposed to an impressive amount of UV and IR rays everyday?

Too often we underestimate the harmful effects of ultraviolets and infrareds on our skin, eyes and immune system – in which damages only add up with time.

Fortunately, a simple application of our SketchNanoGard thermal coating will protect your family, friends and colleagues, while reducing your energy consumption (and by the way, your spending!). To top things off, our coating has little impact on the window’s transparency, meaning you will be able to enjoy the maximum amount of natural light everyday.

Here are some health issues you might also prevent.

1: Skin Damage

Even if UV rays are known for naturally helping synthesize vitamin D in your body and improve some skin disorders like eczema or psoriasis, an extended exposure can greatly affect your skin’s health. Imagine spending 8 hours a day in front of a large window at the office – for 20 to 40 years of your life. Now THAT is extended exposure!

Apart from sunburns and irritations, the most common damages are linked to skin aging prematurely, wrinkles, discoloration, elasticity loss and brown spots. In certain cases, we can even notice the apparition of precancerous lesions.

In addition, during extreme heat and heat waves, burnt skin can bring other complications. By not being able to perspire properly, this diminishes the organism’s capacity to regulate its temperature, potentially leading to discomfort or heat strokes. SketchNanoGard can help you in two ways: 1) by blocking UV rays and preventing them to get inside your building, and 2) by reducing the impact of exterior/outside heat, allowing a better control of the ambient temperature.

2: Eye Damage

Infra-red rays can, by the light reflexion on glass, irritate your eye’s cornea and trigger conjunctivitis in a matter of minutes. By blocking the IRs, you can reduce these risks and keep your eyes safe.

Furthermore, glass is a very poor insulant. By applying our thermal coating, you will enhance its overall performance and allow your windows to reduce heat build-up inside during the summer, as well as greatly diminish heat loss during the winter. Logically, our solution will reduce your energy consumption, therefore lowering your bills too.

3: Immunosuppression and Infectious Diseases

With time, UV ray exposure can weaken the immune system, consequently reducing the body’s capacity to fight against bacteria. It can also awaken the Varicella and Herpes Simplex I and II viruses (canker sores).

In the end, these examples clearly highlight we are often overexposed to UV and IR rays without even knowing it. And it can be pretty dangerous.

We usually associate our SketchNanoGard thermal coating with its various energy efficient benefits, but we really want to highlight that it can also be used as a barrier to protect your loved ones health without compromising the beautiful natural light which we all enjoy!