Groupe Alfid


When Groupe Alfid, a major property owner in Montreal, first contacted Sketch Nanotechnologies, their primary objective was to reduce high heat gain experienced during the summer and to reduce air conditioning fees while improving their tenants’ comfort. Following our applications, the tenants immediately stopped cooking on sunny days. The Group quickly realized the substantial benefits from reduced heating loss in the winter following the application of SketchNanoGard. With improved comfort and energy savings, the tenants and property owners are more than pleased.

“I would like to bear witness of our total satisfaction concerning Sketch Nanotechnologies products and services. We have been doing business with Sketch Nanotechnologies since the spring of 2017 and we are able to fully witness and appreciate the eco-energetic performance of their SketchNanoGard thermal coating for windows. This product is well documented with research.

We mostly call upon Sketch Nanotechnologies for case by case, radiant heat gain related and occupant discomfort issues but the energy savings is non-negligible.

Lastly, we wish to share our appreciation for this company’s very professional services at all levels (cleanliness, quickness, expertise). We recommend this company.”

Director of Technical Services
Groupe Alfid