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Keep the heat on the right side of the glass

SketchThermo is a powerful liquid thermal barrier that is applied to windows.

Its role is to block 99% of ultraviolet (UV) and 85% of infrared (IR) rays and let all of natural light pass through your windows.

Energy efficient, SketchThermo drastically reduces heat transfer between the exterior and interior of the building while allowing natural light to pass through.

This reduction results in:

  • an indoor temperature 3°C to 5°C cooler in summer
  • a drastically reduction in heat loss in winter.

Benefits for you:

  • A cooler temperature in summer means a less expensive building to air-condition.
  • Less heat loss in winter means lower heating costs.
  • It is also a better distribution of the ambient temperature and more comfort for the occupants!
  • Don’t replace your windows with our coating that turns panes into energy-efficient glass

The power of SketchThermo explained

SketchThermo uses the power of nanotechnology to create a thermal barrier on your windows.

The impact is real!

years of durability
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of UV rays are blocked
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of infrared is blocked
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less condensation

An efficient, clean and hassle-free application

Zero Spoil | Zero Dripping | Zero Stains

SketchThermo is applied by our certified technicians who leave no trace of their visit through your home. As transparent as the result on your windows.

The Economic Choice and Ecologic

Thermal Protection

> Reduces indoor temperature by up to 5°C in summer
> Significant reduction in air conditioning need
> Reduction of heat loss through windows in winter
> Considerable reduction of heating needs in winter

Cost Reduction

> Transforms your actual windows into energy efficient ones, without replacing them
> Significant reduction in air conditioning costs
> Important reduction in heating costs
> Designed to perform perfectly for over 20 years
> Estimated Return on Investment in average of 3 to 5 years

Home Confort

> Reduces condensation on the glass by 50%
> Blocks 99% ultraviolet rays and 85% of infrared rays
> Effectively prevents the formation of mold
> Allows 100% of natural light to enter through windows
> Stops deterioration and aging caused by ultra-violet rays on your interior materials and furniture

Finally open the curtains

Let in all natural light without fear of overheating the room or damaging your furniture and floors.



The science of nanotechnology is that of the infinitely small at the service of the infinitely large!

This is the distance between two atoms!



The guarantee of the application covers the performances described on the technical data sheets, for the periods and exclusions of each treatment indicated below. The limited warranty is conditional on the treatments being applied by certified Sketch Nanotechnologies technicians.

The warranty is transferable. The 10 year period does not reflect the duration of the product, but rather the time that our technicians can rectify if the claim conditions apply.

The warranty excludes any liability related to non-compliance with maintenance instructions, replacement or breakage of the thermo, normal phenomena of expansion and retraction caused by hot and cold.

The thermos can still loosen, become foggy and show signs of degradation like any other thermos that has not been subjected to SketchThermo.

The normal aging of your thermo will not constitute a reason for claiming the SketchThermo product warranty.

Download the detailed guarantee here and the conditions.